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CARRE Fall Research Symposium

The Centre for Aerial Robotics Research and Education will feature NSERC'S Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) Program in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles trainees giving presentations explaining their research. The industry partners, companies, and government or non-government organizations will be invited to attend and will also present their work as well as their issues or challenges that the CARRE program is hoping to find solutions for them. It is an opportunity for industrial and academic partners of UTIAS to network with each other, learn about current research at the institute, and meet prospective graduate interns. The CREATE trainees will also interact with symposium speakers and guests, to gain experience and have access to global perspective. This will increase their contact with industrial leaders outside their internships. 


9:30    Registration, Refreshment 

10:00   CARRE Intro (Prof. Angela Schoellig)

10:10    Jason King - Visual Servoing for a Quadrotor UAV

10:20    Nima Mohajerin Deep Recurrent Neural Networks

10:30    Jacob Zilli - The Effects of Freestream Flow Conditions on a Low Reynolds Number Airfoil

10:40    Kwesi Appsonsah - Aerodynamic Shape Optimization for 3-Dimensional Unsteady Flows (with applications to UAV design)

10:50    Adam Sniderman – Developing a Framework for Control of Distributed Systems

11:00     Rikky Duivenvoorden - Quadrotor Control and Learning in the Presence of Unknown Disturbances

11:10      Lingzhu Xiang - Optimal Trajectories for UAV Sensor Self-calibration.

11:20    Nicholas Ewaschuk - Morphing Propellers for UAVs

11:30    Bharat Bhaga - Compressive Instabilities in Metal Coated Polymer Microtrusses 


11:40     Lunch/Networking


1:00      Gilbert Lai - Quanser

1:10       Brian Eggleston - Brican Flight Systems

1:20      Linar Esmagilov - Modular Integrated Robotics

1:30      Abir Mukherjee – AUG Signals LTD

1:40      Prithu Prakash – General Dynamics

1:50      Closing (Prof. Hugh Liu)  

2:00     Round Table (Prof. Jonathan Kelly)             

3:00     1on1