CARRE Internships

Industrial internships are the centerpiece of the Centre for Aerial Robotics Research and Education (CARRE) training program. Internships provide our CARRE, NSERC CREATE-UAV sponsored graduate students, otherwise known as “Trainees”, exposure to the dynamic working environment of industry companies in aerial robotics.  This experience will offer our trainees the insight into the rapid technical and business development of related industries, in addition to fostering networking connections with the possibility of leading to future job opportunities.  In return, partnering industries benefit from this collaboration to have unique access to leading-edge research at CARRE and highly qualified CARRE graduate students!  In the internship placement, our graduate student trainees are expected to work in roles that support their respective areas of research.

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Program Highlights

Participating Industries…

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What students are saying…

  • “My internship has been great...”

  • “I am thoroughly enjoying my term so far due to the strong collaborative team environment, as well as the learning opportunities related to aircraft design in the areas of aerodynamics, propulsion, structures, and systems.”

  • “It was an industry collaboration where I supported them with research and development… and in turn they provided me with a research platform for my own work.”

  • “I am very excited to be able to learn best engineering practices of the past and how to make them better for future aircraft designs.”

  • “Overall, it was a great experience in which I worked with different mobile robot vehicles, controllers and motion capture systems.”

  • “The entire team… was very approachable and helpful. I learnt a lot by discussing ideas and working with some of the other engineers as well.”

What industry is saying…

  • “It was our pleasure to work with… a distinguished software engineer but also a cultural ambassador of Canada.”

  • “… showed us his outstanding coding techniques and shared precious knowledge in the field of computer vision.”

  • “Any member of CARRE Program are extremely welcome to join our lab and work with us.”

  • “… was a very effective intern. He was quick with his programming skills and brought a positive attitude to all his tasks.”

Internship Projects some of our student trainees have participated in:

  1. Involved in Acoustics and Vibrations group, managing the downstream aspect of building an aircraft and further development of noise reduction - Bombardier Aerospace, Toronto, Ontario

  2. Support the Certification Engineering Group in their efforts to both develop and implement new design features onto aircraft - Viking Air Ltd., Sidney, B.C.

  3. Worked with Quanser Engineers on the AVRS (Autonomous Vehicle Research Studio) and AVRS localization system - Quanser, Markham, Ontario

  4. Student Trainee in Aerospace Engineering, Computational Aerosciences Branch - NASA, Moffett Field, California

  5. Involved in using deep learning techniques to derive depth information from RGB images - National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan

(Photo: Neil Ta)

(Photo: Neil Ta)


  • Student “Trainees” gain invaluable exposure to the dynamic working environment of industry companies in aerial robotics

  • Insight into the rapid technical and business development of related industries

  • Work on industrial projects that relate to or complement your area of research

  • Form important industry network connections with the possibility of leading to future job opportunities

Eligible students are receiving CARRE sponsorships and are being financially funded, partially or fully, by the CARRE, NSERC CREATE UAV Project. Graduate students not receiving CARRE funding may participate in the Internship Program and should contact the CARRE Program Coordinator at for more information.




  • Access to our highly qualified CARRE graduate student trainees

  • Leverage student trainee area of research and expertise to accomplish your project goals

  • Benefit from this collaboration and have unique access to cutting-edge research

  • Form important networking and business opportunities with CARRE

Leverage our highly qualified CARRE student trainees and their areas of research to kick-start your latest company project or support an ongoing project! In addition, you will form important early connections with our students whom offer a wide-range of highly sought-after disciplinary expertise. Click below to view a sampling of our student bios!

For more information, contact:

Centre for Aerial Robotics and Education (CARRE)
Program Coordinator | | 416-667-7796