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This graduate course is the second part of the CARRE core courses, following AER1216: Fundamentals of UAVs, which covers the fundamental principles related to UAV design: structures, aerodynamics and control. AER1216 is the prerequisite of this course, unless approved by the instructor. In AER 1217, the focus is placed on the development of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), with the theme of autonomy in navigation and control, as well as flight performance analysis and evaluation.

The course curriculum will be delivered in both lectures and development projects, including flight tests. The contents include: quadrotor or fixed-wing UAV dynamics and control; sensing and estimation for UAVs; navigation and path planning; instrumentation and sensor payloads; computer vision. A development project will be given to students who will use the UAV platform to design an autonomous system to accomplish a specific flying mission, to be demonstrated by flight experiments.


AER 1216H “Fundamentals of UAVs” or equivalent with permission of the instructor